Monday, August 25, 2008

School's in session and WHOLLY COW!

Well, life is back in full swing. Met my 28 4th graders today and honestly love them all. It think it's going to be a great year. It's been good being back with my peers, talking about our summers and having that adult time I used to miss when I stayed home. I do have to take time to remember all the things I practiced this summer - stay positive, stay in the moment, only say the kind words..... I don't know who said this - I'm sure someone out there will know - "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel."

Okay on that note - Wholly crap! Just when I think no one is reading my blog, I get a comment on it from my new idol - Kris Radish. To all my children's book author friends - please do not feel slighted. Knowing you, learning from you, reading your books - all have enriched my life. I brag about you all daily in my classroom and try to make myself more important by sharing that I know you. :-) I guess the difference here is just the immediate connection I felt with the writing - the characters, the situations. I've been inspired to work hard on my female friendships. They have always been important to me and I think we are all there for each other when needed - but as I've said in previous blogs and to many of you in person - I'd like us to MAKE time for each other. We need to make these relationships a priority.

Alright, I already have papers to correct and lessons to plan. The girls both have homework to be checked and papers to be signed - oh and of course checks to be written.

Oh, but before I forget, Dan and I had an amazing weekend in Tahoe listening to Toot, James Blunt and Cheryl Crow - it was the perfect end to the summer.

Find your bliss!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Email from Kris Radish!!!

Okay - I'm soooooooo excited! I went to Kris Radish's website to comment on how much I enjoy her books. She sent me an email! It's like hearing from a movie star! Too cool.....

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Title to describe your summer

My boss has asked me to come up with a song or book title that represents my summer. I've thought of many - most of them inappropriate. :-) So give me some ideas - tell me what book or song title YOU would pick to represent your summer......

Friday, August 15, 2008

Ready, Set, GO!

This is my last weekend of summer. Here come the routines, schedules, commitments.....I'm looking forward to it though. I had a fabulous summer - one for which I am incredibly grateful. It was actually one of the best summers in recent memory. Ironically, we had no big vacations, no life altering events, just relaxing, quality time together. I'm sure it's a combination of things - older kids, the cabin, good health....whatever the reasons, I'm starting this school year feeling on top of my game.

The girls and I went in and got new hair dos today. Kate trimmed her long, straight, gorgeous locks, Bailie cut off quite a bit of length and her naturally curly hair looks amazing. I chopped all my hair off and colored it quite dark. (well, I didn't cut it off - fortunately, my very talented friend and long time hairdresser did the cutting.) I feel refreshed, funky, sort of reborn. I'm not sure how good I look, but it was a change I needed.

These books I've been reading, by Kris Radish, have me missing my girl friends. We've all been busy with our families this summer and all the other obligations of life. I want to make you all my priority. Family is important, but these kids grow up and move out. I want to keep building and deepening my female friendships. Husbands are great too, but sometimes, a woman is the only one who understands.

Okay, I have to get back to watching the Olympics - so motivating. I will dream about being that physically fit while I eat my ice cream. :-)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bucket lists

I went to a funeral on Friday - it was for the parent of one of my students from this last school year. The funeral was very nice and I have to admit, seeing my student light up when he saw that I was there, made it worth going - even though I, like everyone I would imagine, hate going to funerals.
I did come up with a few rules about my own funeral after attending this and many other funerals over the years.
First of all, I want my family to do whatever brings them comfort. I'm not particularly religious, but if it brings my family comfort to have a funeral in a church - go for it. I'll be dead - so you won't hear many objections from me. However, I do have a few suggestions. If you feel the need to have a religious ceremony - no mass! It takes forever! If people are going to eulogize me, tell stories that make people smile and have fond memories - not stories that will make people blush (or me from the grave) or uncomfortable. Spend time celebrating, remembering not "mourning." Again though, I'll be dead, so do what you need to do.

My "to do" list still sits undone, but tomorrow is a new day and I plan to tackle it head on. My goal is to have it all done by Wednesday - but check back with me, chances are it won't be. :-)

I made a "bucket list" today - yes, inspired by the movie - and to my surprise, it wasn't that long. There are places I want to see and things I want to do - but I don't have this great longing to experience things I've yet to experience. I feel really fortunate to have seen and done all that I have so far. Sure, there is more to see or do - but if I don't do or see them before I die will I die less happy? I don't think so. Just to give you a small insight into my list - a few things on it were:
Experience Alaska, Drive a semi, Eat only dessert for a whole week, spend a whole day naked, See Brazil and Mexico, see a play in New York, see Maine, be my daughters' best friend (later, not now), be as happy everyday to wake up next to Dan as I am now.......

Do you have a bucket list? What's on it?